JZ R35 VR38 Coil Bracket Kit (1jz 2jz)

Platinum Racing Products

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This coil kit has been specifically designed as a direct drop-in replacement for the OEM Toyota coils that simply cannot handle increased power modification.

These coil kits incorporate brand new genuine Hitachi or Nissan Ignition coils. The Nissan coils have been tested to exceed the performance of Toyota items and there is zero risk of being supplied fake Yaris coils which is common in the market place.

You're buying PRP so you are buying confidence backed by hundreds of hours of design research and years of testing.

Our kit utilizes our custom made billet coil bracket which has been designed to fit any of the multitude of 1JZ/2JZ tappet cover designs throughout the years.

V1 - Aftermarket ECU


*PSA -we call this kit the R35 coil bracket kit because when we started we were using R35 coils. Hitachi and OEM Nissan coils that we use are identical in terms of performance. 

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