Supertec Racing Tomei Oil Pump Spline Drive Kit - (RB25 RB26 RB30)

Supertec Racing

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Supertec Racing Spline Drive Kit – If you are planning on doing a rebuild then also consider addressing your oil pump. Be it an Oem, N1 or Tomei they all use flat drive engagement that puts pressure on two 3/16″ contact points.

Repeated hammering on the rev limiter, using launch control and extended periods at high RPM which causes cavitation have know to break inner gears apart or deform them to almost an oval shape even on Tomei pumps in extreme cases.

Spline engagement provides 360 degree engagement with multiple splines cushioning the inner drive gear. This improves durability and strength of your oil pump – an overall efficient way to drive the pump gears. Gears are made from high strength 41Cr4 grade billet steel.

Fits Tomei oil pump only. Includes collar and new billet alloy backing plate only. Use existing steel middle and outer gear.

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